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let's go.

sometimes you can't have them all.


awesomeness covered in total win :)

I like:
tv (! the office, arrested development, freaks and geeks, welcome to the captain, lost, how i met your mother, grounded for life, scrubs...)
washington DC
gerry dee
sbux barista, baby! visit me :)

EDIT: I DONT REALLY USE THIS ANYMORE EXCEPT TO CREEP ON STUFF LIKE TQC AND MY FRIENDS. IF YOU WANT LOLZ FIND ME ON TUMBLR OR SOMETHING BECAUSE MY LJ IS SRS BUSINESS, SOMETIMES. and all my "interests" here are horrifically out of date. i guess thats what happens when your LJ is 7 years old (no joke). so... hollla if you want me. i'm either in california or milwaukee.